This is a Python package, so you’ll need to have Python installed to use it. If you’re using linux, you probably already have Python. If you’re on Windows, you can download a Python installer from Anaconda , Active State , or even WinPython .

Once you have Python, you can install this package by opening a terminal window and typing the command:

$ easy_install kicost


$ pip install kicost

Note that if you install KiCost using pip on a Windows system running Python 2.7, using the default option that web scrapes with parallel processes may cause MANY errors. You can avoid this problem by:

  • using easy_install to install KiCost, or
  • use the -s KiCost option to serialize the web scraping.

On Linux, for a full install procedure on Python3, use (for Python2, replace pip3 for pip on each command):

$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip # Or ``python-pip`` to install PIP on Python2.
$ sudo -H pip3 install -U pip # Upgrade the PIP version.
$ sudo -H pip3 install kicost # Install KiCost from PyPI.

For install the graphical dependence used by KiCost GUI:

$ sudo -H pip3 install wxpython
$ sudo -H pip3 install -U -f wxPython # For Ubuntu 16.04
$ kicost # Execute KiCost without input arguments to initialize the GUI.

For install the last code version from GitHub, use:

$ sudo apt-get install git # It's necessary to have Git installed.
$ sudo -H pip3 install -U git+