KiCost is intended to be run as a script for generating part-cost spreadsheets for circuit boards developed with KiCad. KiCost also comes with a graphical user interface in addition to command line.

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  • Easy installation via pip (see on documentation folder).
  • Processes the BOM XML file from your KiCad schematic to create a part-cost spreadsheet by scraping the web sites of several popular distributors for price and inventory data. (You can also enter your own quantity-adjusted pricing data for specialized parts or those not found at the supported distributors.);
  • Processes also BOM files from Altium, Proteus, Eagle, Upverter and hand made CSVs;
  • The spreadsheet contains quantity-adjusted pricing from each distributor for individual parts and the total board;
  • Enter the number of boards to be built in a spreadsheet cell and all the pricing for the total board and individual parts is updated;
  • The spreadsheet also shows the current inventory on-hand for each part at each distributor;
  • Enter the quantity of each part that you want to purchase from each distributor and lists of part numbers and quantities will appear in formats that you can cut-and-paste directly into the website ordering page of each distributor.
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